Time and Space Wellness Update!

Time and Space Wellness Update!

Long time friend and client, Lindsay McLachlan of Time and Space Wellness, came to me recently brimming with excitement. In the past few months she has honed her vision and come into greater clarity regarding the impact she wishes to have in the world. She has fully embraced the positive messaging of BraveHeart Women, begun training as a Classical Pilates instructor, relocated her family to a healthy, happy and thriving community, and taken a turn in her professional world, by adding more to her repertoire of offerings.

In response to this unveiling, if you will, of her authenticity and gifts, we updated her website by adding 5 new pages (was a single page site), a header section with menu, and a photo album. Please take a look and let us know what you think! While the previous incarnation of her site is no longer available to view, a few photos are in this portfolio post.

Visit the full site here: Time and Space Wellness

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